OAG Architects Inc. opened its doors in 1983 as Omega Architectural Group, inc. specializing in production housing.  The firm has provided exceptional home designs to the satisfaction of its builder/developer clients and to the ultimate enjoyment of the home buyers.

Responsiveness To Clients

A critical element of our firm's excellent reputation is responsiveness to clients. Stevan Bowker, President and Principal Architect, pays close attention to the client's goals and concerns for each project. With his involvement in the entire design process of each project, he personally translates those concerns into design solutions.



Team Players

The principals and staff of OAG Architects, Inc. are team players. As a firm they are committed to developing productive and rewarding relationships with clients that ultimately result in successful projects.  The core of OAG's staff has worked together for over twenty years. The result of an experienced team is a streamlined production process.



Construction Experience = Cost Savings

A keen understanding of construction practice is evident in OAG's cost conscious designs and technically correct working drawings.  OAG is frequently commended on the thoroughness and clarity of their construction documents and the ability to communicate with construction personnel.



Innovative Design Solutions That Sell

OAG's portfolio consists of award winning, highly successful projects that range from entry level to high-end markets. They have worked closely with their clients to produce innovative design solutions for contemporary lifestyles. Many of OAG's projects have been featured in prominent industry publications.